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Translation and Interpreting Services: Rebuild Babel unites all languages again to deliver your message

Rely on Rebuild Babel for affordable, high-quality translations and professional simultaneous interpretation with equipment rental

Rebuild Babel brings together people the world over with quality translation services

Everybody’s talking — Interpret the Babel with affordable translations by Rebuild Babel

Rebuild Babel: A new place to come together through language

Translation Agency Houston
Rebuild Babel understands what the world is saying

The world is talking. Everywhere, in business, diplomacy, science, and culture, people are speaking and writing in a babel of diverse languages. From Russian and Spanish to Malay and Kirundi and more than 6,500 others, the world’s symphony of tongues can be a baffling cacophony.

And today, people are more connected over the Internet than ever, sometimes relying on very limited software translators that are cumbersome at best. Without years of study and practice, picking up a new language isn’t feasible for most.

As business expands into ever-growing international markets, simple language barriers can lead to expensive misunderstandings. How can you get your message to a world of diverse languages? Where can you turn for affordable, reliable professional translation services?

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Rebuild Babel connects you to a powerful network of professional translators and interpreters

Rebuild Babel can clear up the clouds and make sense of the world’s many languages. Based in Houston, Texas, one of America’s linguistic crossroads, we’re a language service agency connected to a vast network of more than 600 professional linguists and translators who specialize in virtually every language in the world today.

Since 2006, Rebuild Babel has worked with clients from all over the world, delivering affordable, professional translations and interpretation services in hundreds of languages, from A’Tong to Zway and everything in between. Our professional services include translation online and more.

Rebuild Babel’s quality services make us the top translation agency in Houston

A quality translation sounds natural to a native speaker. Rebuild Babel makes sure that all our services pass the native speaker’s test.

Our network of experienced translators and proofreaders work together to ensure accuracy and quality. And if you’re not satisfied with the first results, we’ll make all necessary adjustments until you are.

Let us see what we can do for you. Contact a translation professional at Rebuild Babel for a free quote today.

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Rebuild Babel can meet the needs of your individual project, finding qualified translators in numerous countries or in the Houston area.

Because we’re a small company with many connections, we can deliver professional, high-quality translations and interpreting services at prices tailored to your specific budget.

And best of all, our services are highly affordable.

Translation Services

  • Business documents
  • Medical records
  • Legal documents
  • Blueprints
  • Product packaging
  • Technical manuals
  • Subtitling
  • Desktop publishing

Interpretation Services

  • Voiceovers
  • Seminars
  • Conferences
  • Trade shows
  • Diplomatic events
  • International events
  • Conventions
  • Personal interpretation
  • Equipment rental and installation
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