Content Creation: A Bridge from Your Brand to the World

In a digital age of commerce, effective online marketing is key to your success. Many companies still operate out of brick-and-mortar businesses (and there are still tons of small businesses that barely have a basic website put together), but the best and most surefire way to stay competitive in a world where 70 to 80 percent of potential clients will research a company first online before ever making a purchase is to have a strong online marketing campaign or system in place.

For most companies, doing your own online marketing is dicey. For one thing, it's hard to sell yourself, both objectively and effectively. Also, effective online marketing that results in sales conversions is both an art and science that most businesses should leave to the pros. It can take a good copywriter years to hone their craft to create content that will drive sales and traffic to your virtual door. When you're just trying to write your own copy and stumble your way through a marketing campaign, you may end up wasting tons of money on ad spend or may inadvertently write copy that chases your clients away or signals to the Powers That Be (a.k.a. search engines) that your content is pure filler, making you lose rankings.

When your company's expansion amid this ever-changing world of ecommerce is in the balance, don't try to cut corners. Your best route of action is to hire an agency that specializes in content creation. Bonus points if that agency creates in-language copy to help your message be heard around the world.

Rebuild Babel Provides All-Language Translation and Copy Creation Services

As a company with an online presence in a global market, you also likely have a need for your content to be published in a variety of different languages. The more countries your brand travels, the more variations of your copy you'll need translated.

Rebuild Babel is a translation company that specializes in multilingual marketing and content creation. Our team is comprised of writers and linguists from all over the world who collaborate with our in-house project managers and SEO (search engine optimization) experts to bring the following content marketing services to you:

  • Online Global Content -- You supply the message and type of content you want crafted. Our expert writers spin your ideas into pure lexical gold that will up your marketing KPIs and drive traffic to your site.
  • Multilingual SEO Copy -- Each content piece is optimized with researched keywords in the requested target language to increase your search engine ranking and increase your visibility to a global audience.
  • Localisation -- Depending on the range of your brand broadcast, we can adapt each variation of your copy to match the nuanced language, expression, and cultural differences across countries and regions. Localisation allows your message to come through clearly and naturally, even when it's far from the home source.

Our In-language Content Creation Process Ensures Originality and Genuineness

If you just tried to write up your in-language translations using Google Translate, Google (and other search engines) could see through the poorly constructed sentences and mismatched syntax. As a result, you could actually get dinged by the search engines for inadequate content quality (and you might even look like a spammer or key word "stuffer" to some).

Your best option to ensure successful SEO and create content that your users (and the search engines) will find informative, engaging, and fresh is to have a business translation or all-language translation company like Rebuild Babel take on your in-language marketing.

We use this process with all clients to guarantee satisfaction and marketing success:

  1. A client first provides us with a content brief (generally in English for starters) that includes the requested topic and any particular guidelines, such as which website the copy is for, requested keywords, any rules or required language omissions, and particular links that should be referenced.
  2. After we have the brief completed and in hand, we reach out to our linguists and assign the copy. We work directly with our linguists or writers to ensure that quality content is created in the target languages.
  3. Our dedicated project managers remain in consistent contact with both the client and the linguists, liaising between the two to field any questions and ensure that guidelines are met and deadlines are upheld.
  4. After the copy and articles are complete, we deliver the materials to the client for review. During this time of review, we remain available to apply any feedback or adjustments requested to make sure that we go above and beyond the client's expectations.
With properly optimized keywords and fresh content in your arsenal, your copy and website will stand out from the competition. As it is, your competitors may be ranking for keywords you wish you were known for. Maybe the only difference between their website and yours is a handful of more informative articles or more frequently refreshed content (both aspects of content that search engines look for). With Rebuild Babel at the helm, you could eclipse your competitors' rankings for coveted search words and quickly start to build your online presence. Marketing can be confusing and overwhelming, especially when you have realized you need to become more visible digitally but haven't the faintest idea how to get started. If you'd like us to clear the fog for you and simplify your marketing strategies, give us a call today.
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