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As online mixed gaming is growing in popularity, the need is increasing every day for e-gaming sites to boost their marketing efforts and create original, engaging content to drive new users and gamers to their virtual doors. By creating and distributing fresh content that is optimized with researched keywords using SEO (search engine optimization) best practices, your online gaming company stands to expand beyond your competition in the mad dash for claiming visible chunks of real estate in this digital world.

E-gaming companies especially have a requirement for amassing and distributing quality content generated in a variety of languages to match the cultural demographics of their wide-ranging target customer base. As one of the best translation company options for multilingual gaming translation and localisation services, Rebuild Babel has the expertise and experience with preparing translated copy for the mixed gaming community to help bolster your efforts and drive unprecedented traffic to your platforms.

A Look at the Numbers for Video Games/Casual Gaming and iGaming

In recent years the internet has expanded as a global platform for communication and e-commerce, allowing business owners, such as CEOs in charge of mixed gaming and iGaming platforms, to offer their services to any customer on any device at any time. Recently, trends show that consumption of services in the global space has increased by 28 percent annually within the last decade. Online gaming and internet casinos have felt the jump in virtual commerce with a boom of interest increasing in this arena, especially as technology has allowed virtual-realistic video gaming and gambling to take over across mobile devices.

Data specifically shows that by 2020 the global iGaming market value hit $59.6 billion and is anticipated to grow 11.5 percent through 2027. By 2027, the market is projected to gross $127.3 billion. The market is particularly rampant in Europe with the majority of the market share at $22 billion currently, thanks in part to gambling legalization in companies like Malta, Italy, Germany, France, and Spain. Another big boost to the European market has been the UK and its Gambling Commission (although this may change with Brexit).

Other potentially huge markets could be in the Asian Pacific region, which is expected to increase greatly as the region continues to enhance its access to internet service and reduce online gambling rules. Asian Pacific consumers are also increasing the money they spend on leisure activities and are normalizing the use of digital currencies, such as bitcoin, that are frequently used in betting.

Additional factors that have added to the boom in online gaming are the increasing number of people in general who utilize mobile devices and 4G or 5G connectivity, making it much easier to play games that sport the newest technology like virtual reality. Increasing numbers of people interested in betting on sports like boxing, baseball, football, and hockey have also added fuel to the fire that is online gaming.

Rebuild Babel Has the Experience and Resources to Serve the iGaming Market

Our business translation company has watched the iGaming market grow into the behemoth it is today. Originally developed in 1994 by industry giant Microgaming, iGaming (a phrase that refers to any online gaming or internet gaming that uses the internet to wager money) gained its official name in the 2000s with the dramatic increase in online casinos that have continued to spread with every passing year. Over time, regulatory organisations such as the Kahnawake Gaming Commission and the Malta Gaming authority have put regulations in place to promote the safe and sustainable enjoyment of online gambling for table games like poker, blackjack, and craps, along with slots and sports betting. Other popular iGaming options include bingo, horse racing, and lotteries.

Rebuild Babel has closely watched this growing industry and has amassed the connections and company resources to create countless content in a wide variety of languages to help your iGaming company stand out among thousands clamoring in this niche. For years now we have helped online and mobile casinos attract new customers by created translated and localised content focusing on all topics from current events to travel and art to showcasing the latest Blockchain technology your app has to offer.

Generating fresh, localised content is key to seeing your site ranked high on the search engines. Our SEO (search engine optimisation) experts work hard to research top-ranking keywords for your company and content. We'll take into consideration the keywords you want to be ranked for and work those into the copy to guarantee an increase in traffic to your site and gaming platform. For years, search engines like Google have prioritized quality and engaging content over stale copy that seems to be "stuffed" with keywords. This vapid "content mill" sort of copy is easily viewed as filler, specifically designed to gain higher rankings, and the search engines recognise this. Believe us when we say that fresh content that establishes you as an authority is the copy that earns the highest rankings.

Our team hires hundreds of proven linguists (including translators, proofreaders, editors, and writers) to write in-language translations that attract your target audience and convert new gamers and customers. To find out more about how we can boost traffic and revenue for your iGaming company, contact us today.

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